Children & Youth

Please note that as of February 2019 LUF is in the process of re-inventing its religious exploration program. we invite participation of all interested parties

The LUF Board of Directors is committed to reviving the Children’s Religious Exploration program for the fall of 2019. All Parents and Friends of Children’s RE are encouraged to meet following the service on Sunday, May 26th. Input is needed to put plans in place. Childcare can be arranged. It takes a community to raise a child. Let’s be that supportive community.

The LUF Religious Exploration program loves to help everyone discover more about the world, and themselves. We recognize that exploring the rich and diverse religious perspectives of our world can teach us new things. We seek to learn about, truth, justice, compassion, and respect. We seek to learn new ways of thinking about our environment, our communities, and ourselves. We understand that exploring and learning helps our minds to grow. Most importantly, we think this kind of exploration, learning and spiritual growth can help us become better people.

The following elements are provided when there are volunteers and/or staff and sufficient children and /or youth.   

Nursery Care

Nursery care is provided for infants to children aged 4 by young adults.

Junior Fellowship

A religious exploration program is offered to children between the ages of 4 to 12 during the Sunday morning worship services.

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists(YRUU)

Youth ages 13-18 meet with a youth advisor and participate in regional and national gatherings. Activities are dormant in 2019

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