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Currently, instead of a Children’s Religious Exploration Programme, a group of LUF parents and friends continue to put together some fun activities for kids. Here’s what the group is working on so far: Interested in helping out? Contact the office 344-5980
“Fall Forest Bathing” at Centennial Park
Sunday, October 27th 10:30am at Centennial Park:

 Meet at the playground (just past the chalet) at 10:30am.
 Brief in-gathering to light the chalice and briefly discuss what the chalice means.
 Children will then be encouraged to hunt around for painted “chalice” rocks.
 After we have found all of the chalice rocks, we will go for a short hike to do some “forest bathing” and explore the interdependent web.
 We will close by sharing a snack and each child saying something they are grateful for, and heading home with their chalice rock and child-friendly information about the UU Principles
“Dinner and a Show” at LUF
November – stay tuned for exact date

“Welcome Winter Wonderland”
Sunday, December 15th
Meet at 10am at LUF for departure to Tony Carfagnini’s yurt.
 Brief in-gathering to light the chalice and discuss and honour the changing seasons.
 Establishing ground rules and discuss safety before the children are allowed to explore the forest.
 Congregate at the bonfire for songs and snacks.
“Pajama Party”
Saturday, December 28th

 Fun and Games with the option of sleeping over.
 Pancake breakfast, and why not attend the intergenerational Sunday service wearing your pajamas – Celebrate the break from school.
…Also, stay tuned for more details on a Book Club geared toward teens and pre-teens.

The LUF Religious Exploration program loves to help everyone discover more about the world, and themselves. We recognize that exploring the rich and diverse religious perspectives of our world can teach us new things. We seek to learn about, truth, justice, compassion, and respect. We seek to learn new ways of thinking about our environment, our communities, and ourselves. We understand that exploring and learning helps our minds to grow. Most importantly, we think this kind of exploration, learning and spiritual growth can help us become better people.

The following elements are provided when there are volunteers and/or staff and sufficient children and /or youth.   

Child Care

Childcare is available during Sunday morning services. Children are welcome to sit with the congregation upstairs at the beginning of the
service and enjoy a story time before heading to the basement for some supervised play time!
There is an outdoor exploration gathering planned for Sunday, October 27th in Centennial Park at 10:30 am. For more details call the LUF office: 344-5980.

Junior Fellowship

A religious exploration program may be offered to children between the ages of 4 to 12 during the Sunday morning worship services.

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU)

Youth ages 13-18 meet with a youth advisor and participate in regional and national gatherings. Activities are dormant in 2019

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