Summer Reflections 2022

Date: August 15, 2022

Taking Time to Reflect on the 8th Principle

This summer, the Canadian Unitarian Council invites you to join us in a weekly, self-guided reflection series. We want to keep the national conversation going about how we live out the 8th Principle, personally and collectively. 

Every Monday in July and August, we will send a reflection, thought or question to our eNews subscribers. Think about it while you go out with the dog, share your thoughts with a friend over coffee, journal about it, or write about it on social media. We invite you to reflect on the question or prompt in whatever way you choose. (Not an eNews subscriber? Sign up today.)

August 29, 2002: Practicing Accessibility

August 22, 2002: Quest for Joy

August 15, 2022: Growing Out of Our Comfort

August 8, 2022: Beyond Identity

 August 1, 2022: 8th Principle: Canadian Unitarian Universalist Experience

July 25, 2022: On Decision Making

July 18, 2022: “On accountably”

July 11, 2022: Not ALL about me?

July 4, 2022: Anti-racism Work is Spiritual Work

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