Our Community… Like a Garden… Like Potatoes?? and AGM

Date: June 09, 2024

Leader: Hanusia Tkaczyk

PLEASE NOTE: This Sunday, June 9, the Sunday service and AGM will be held at the West Thunder Community Centre, 915 Edward Street S.  Zoom availability is also planned.

***For those attending the service and AGM meeting in person, please feel free to bring a snack to share during coffee time.

This service will be in person at 10:30 am at the West Thunder Community Centre on Edward St (next to Mary JL Black Library. You may also attend on Zoom.

We gather this Sunday in person to reconnect, to share and to strengthen our bonds as a beloved community. As in our gardens, there are both resources and challenges in the variety of beings and processes that occur. And, yes, there is something about our journey together that resembles potatoes.

After the service, at the Annual General Meeting, we will also review activities of the year past and recommit leaders and committees for the year ahead.

To Join the Zoom service on-line:

Zoom Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88380041306?pwd=ZkJCQjBvdHJPQzljQ0c5OHRkd3pDQT09

To Join by calling from a telephone:
Call in: 1 647 374 4685 (Toronto); 1 647 558 0588 (Toronto);
             1 778 907 2071 (BC); 1 699 900 9128 (California)

Meeting ID:   883 8004 1306      Passcode:    693663

The AGM will be held following the service at West Thunder Community Centre. The Annual Report Package has been emailed to members. Paper copies available upon request. Non-members may also obtain the package by contacting the LUF office. Paper copies will be made available to all present at the June 9th meeting.

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