At LUF you can find many ways to get connected with others, to explore your particular interest. Whether it is a regular weekly or monthly event, or special events that may happen annually, or one off occasions, you will find many ways to become engaged.   

Small Groups & Activities

Small groups and activities are part of the inner heartbeat of LUF. These are largely generated by friends and members themselves and speak of our own wishes, questions, and needs. They also can change very quickly. Here are a list and contacts of much of what is happening. Groups are welcome to help the Webmaster keep this up to date.

Regularly Scheduled Events

STAR Circle (Simple Truths And Reflections)

The STAR Circle (Simple Truths And Reflections) meets irregularly on Sundays for introspective discussion, from 1-3 pm in the LUF kitchen. Bring a lunch and something to share. 

Spiritual Book Study

This discussion group meets Mondays at 5 pm in the LUF kitchen. Contact Trudi Jones for details.

New Warriors Men’s Group

This group meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm. Contact Jim Bishop at 767-5297 or Bob Manson at 683-3016.

Nonviolent Compassionate Communications (NVC)

The NVC Practice Group usually meets Friday evenings, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, in the main hall of the Fellowship.  Members and Friends and the Public are welcome.  Call Cheryl at 476-8214 to confirm the next meeting date.

Touchstones Discussion Group

All are welcome to a new discussion group based on Touchstones materials which will begin Friday, December 6 from 10 am. to noon in the LUF kitchen. The basis for discussion will be the monthly theme materials for small groups. There will be a suggested donation of $3.00 per person for use of the space. If interested please send Brenda Diebel an email ( and she will send materials for the meeting. If you have questions, or are interested but the time does not work, please let Brenda know.

NUUMoon Pagan Group

Will meet occasionally around seasonal events such as solstice and equinox Contact Hanusia Tkaczyk at 767-5564, or Marianne Wahl at 344-1902.

Periodic Activities

Various activities are programmed at different times. To be kept in the know, sign up with our Administrator (344-5980 or to receive our weekly electronic Update and monthly newsletter.

Blue & Roots Nights at LUF

Gravel Road
2018 Blues and Roots concert – Gravel Road

LUF is pleased to offer Blues & Roots concerts. Invited musicians from the community periodically entertain members, friends, and the community. We’re very appreciative of the efforts of LUF member and musician Fred Upshaw for organizing these evenings. The proceeds have helped raise funds for LUF and for the musicians.

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