The Pact For a Green New Deal

The Pact for a Green New Deal launched on May 6, 2019. The CUC signed the Pact, as have over 45,000 people. This ambitious plan is needed to deal with the multiple impacts of the climate crisis. We need a Green New Deal!

The Green New Deal is a plan for massive public investment to meet the demands of the justice and climate crisis, see the full implementation of the United Nation Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Right to Free Prior and Informed Consent, and the Truth and Reconciliation Recommendations, and create more than a million jobs in the process. It’s a plan to cut our national emissions in half within a decade in a way that works for working-class families and creates millions of jobs in the process. The Green New Deal is far-reaching and requires a transformative policy platform stretching across sectors and jurisdictions.

Town Hall conversations have already started; over 200 Town Halls have been organized to date. People from all walks of life will gather in their communities to discuss what is needed in a Green New Deal. Leslie Solomonian from the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto has been concerned for a long time about the environmental crisis, and when the email about the Pact for a Green New Deal landed in her inbox, she knew that this was something she could do. Leslie was one of the first ones to sign on to organize a Town Hall. The one that she skillfully put together on May 21 at First Toronto drew over 250 people. Join a Town Hall near you (view the map of the 100+ Town Halls cross Canada). No Town Halls near you? Organize one!

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