The term worship is problematic for some of us at LUF. For some, it seems too closely linked to traditional church. However, roots to the word give us the meaning of “shaping worth”. This is very much what we endeavour to work at with our Sunday services, programming and social justice activities.  

Sunday Services

Our services happen every Sunday at 10:30 am. and usually last 60-90 minutes. During the summer, there are no services on holiday weekends.

Our worship services are diverse in nature, utilizing lay members of our congregation, guest speakers from the greater community, and visiting Unitarian Universalist or other ministers and leaders. Community dialogue sometimes follows each speaker, as well as coffee and informal conversation. 

Each year, we hold a special Christmas and New Years service. A flower communion is held each spring and a water communion each fall. Pagan / Earth-centered services are also held a few times a year. Many of our services feature talented professional musicians, instrumental or vocal, including members of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, thanks to our music director, Heather Morrison. 

Upcoming Services & Events

January 26, 2020

The Universe in a Single Crystal: Science, Religion, and Spirituality

Exploring the relationship between religion, spirituality and science at Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship and beyond.


February 02, 2020



February 09, 2020

Love For Those Excluded

Sometimes we all can all use a reminder that people in our community who have…


February 16, 2020

The Generous Heart


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