Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship (LUF) is an inclusive spiritual community promoting a compassionate, just, and sustainable world. We are a member congregation of the Canadian Unitarian Council whose vision “envisions a world in which our interdependence calls us to love and justice.” With a foundation of seven principles and six sources, we aspire to be deeply connected, radically inclusive, actively engaged, theologically alive, and spiritually grounded.

We invite you to attend services, ask questions, learn about Unitarian Universalism (UU), and see whether we offer a community space that can be meaningful to you. In our lay-led congregation each of our services is different, so don’t rely on one service to determine who we are. Once a month we host our part-time UU minister who provides continuity throughout the year, at least until the end of 2019. Many of our members and friends will be glad to talk with you about Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship and Unitarian Universalism, though each person you talk with will likely have a different perspective. Our members may include Theists, Atheists, Humanists, Buddhists, Pagans, Christians, Jews, Moslems, etcetera, and others who may avoid any label at all.

Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship is an open, tolerant and welcoming home for those seeking a spiritual community in which to grow and explore. Sunday Services are an important part of our lives here, but our involvement in activities apart from these services form an essential part of life at LUF. There are many opportunities to join like minded people in activities of learning, social action, church leadership, Adult Religious Education, child and youth programs, and even the humble committees that glue us all together. 

What You’ll See Here

You will find Sunday Services every week from September through June at 10:30AM. Services may run anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. Some of us try to arrive 15 minutes early to chat with friends and reconnect. Summer services are more informal and their times will be announced, though usually at 10:30 AM as well. There is always a time for coffee/tea and conversation following the service for those who wish.

The first person you will see what you enter the front door is a greeter who will show you where to hang your coat, where the brochures and newsletters are found and where you might choose a seat. They may also answer questions you may have, or direct you to someone who can answer them.

What our services are like

We try to plan services that are inclusive, thought-provoking and meaningful. They usually consist of common elements such as opening words, readings, hymns, a sermon or talk, and an offering that lead us through a 60 to 90 minute experience of centering, reflecting and returning. Some will resemble those of other congregations, others may incorporate expressive activities or ritual. 

Our Music Director usually invites a professional musician who plays three times in a service. After the presentation or sermon we often have a community dialogue or reflections where comments and questions of the speaker are invited from the congregation. Coffee, fellowship and conversation is an important feature after every service so plan to spend some time then to get to know us better.

An often-asked question is “What do I wear to a Unitarian Universalist service?”  The answer is it’s your choice. Some people like to dress casually in jeans, while others enjoy the opportunity to wear more formal clothing. Don’t sweat it, just come and visit.

We encourage a scent-free environment for the health and comfort of all. Please do not use perfumes and other scented products. We are also nut-free, aware of possible allergies of visitors. Our Sunday Services are held at 10:30 AM at 129 S. Algoma St. Parking can be found across Algoma St. in the Bay Credit Union parking lot (leave space at the front for BCU customers.)

Feeling You Belong

If you search for:

  • a spiritual home where you can share with others who care about our own community AND the world around us,
  • a safe place to voice your own deeply felt questions and doubts, dreams and wishes,
  • a community of the spirit that embraces reason, conscience, tolerance, love and respect for those of any faith
  • a spiritual community that welcomes your questions, doubts and dreams – a place to grow
  • like-minded others who care about making a better world for all
  • a safe, loving and supportive environment for your children to grow in tolerance and understanding

Then come and spend some Sundays with us – maybe you’ll choose to stay with us on this journey! You are truly welcome here. If you find we are a good match for you, you can explore membership at LUF (link to Membership)

How to Find Us

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