Canadian Unitarian Council – Annual General Meeting and National Conference

Date: March 12, 2020

“Making Waves” is the theme of the Canadian Unitarian Council’s 2020 Annual Conference and Meeting. It is in Halifax over the May long weekend May 15 – 17. Held every two years, these conferences are always interesting, inspiring, challenging, fun and enjoyable with lots of great people to meet from across the country. Find out more at
LUF is eligible to have two delegates for the annual meeting which is on Friday afternoon, May 15. The annual meeting is conducted online via Zoom so people across the country will be connected together for receiving reports, discussing and voting on motions and generally feeling connected to our national movement.
Would you like to be a delegate representing LUF? There is a partial subsidy if you would like to attend in person. Or you could attend from Thunder Bay for the AGM portion. Questions? ask Margaret, 627 1404. To indicate your interest in being considered to be a delegate, leave your name with Angie including whether you will participate from Thunder Bay or travel to Halifax.

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